You’ve just finished enjoying a New Year’s Eve Football Game on the 50” high definition flat-screen TV you just got for Christmas. Put this TV together with that Bose Surround Sound System makes you feel like you were there in person.

It would be a shame if you lost these expensive new toys to house fire, a Hurricane or maybe the worst a Burglary.

It’s a lot easier to take stock of your possessions now rather then try to remember after a traumatic incident that just occurred.

After a disaster or possibly a Burglary, you call your insurance company and they will hand you a piece of paper asking you for all the items that have been either destroyed or taken. This is when you wish you had a Home Inventory List.

The list does not have to be extremely detailed but it does help to have as much information as possible. This list will not only help you and your insurance company but it will also help your local Police Department with identifying the items on the list if they come up at a Pawn Shop or better yet in someone else’s possession.

Another tip while completing your Home Inventory, is taking pictures of your home as it is and also taking pictures of the items on your list. Make a note of the brand, model number, serial number and what you paid for the item.

One last thing you should remember to do. You need to update your list when and if you purchase a new TV or other items that are different from your original list.

So let’s get started with your Home Inventory List.

Click here to download a Hurricane Home Inventory Checklist